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Analysis of HiDTV

In HiDTV a type 1 task requires a total number of 4 clicks. A further analysis leads to the following breakdown: one click per column selection, and a maximum of two vertical scrolls in order to find the row corresponding to New York.

Type 2 tasks (corresponding to tasks 2 and 3) require 5 clicks. In this case we have one more click than in the type 1 case to adjust the highlight slider to show the maximum value.

Type 3 tasks require more clicks because we select more columns. There is also more (horizontal and vertical) scrolling involved in order to conduct comparisons between multiple rows and columns. For example, task 4 requires a total of 13 clicks: one click per column selected for a total of 10 columns for Region and population count between 1990 and 1900, 2 vertical scrolls to find the row, and an additional horizontal scroll to do a row scan.

Nada Golmie, Bill Kules

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