Bioinformatics Visualization

HCIL conducts other research in Biodiversity Informatics visualization


The Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland pursues several projects with applications to bioinformatics, especially analysis of genomic data from microarray gene chips. We cooperate with the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

Our work in this area uses the principles of Information Visualization to develop tools that can be used to interactively analyze the ever-larger data sets that result from continuing advances in bioinformatics.

Our current efforts have been focused on two types of data sets:

  • Microarray data: Data sets containing expression levels for 100-20,000 genes under 2-40 experimental conditions
  • Nucleotide Sequence data: Analyzing nucleotide sequences in order to find weak signals involved in splicing.



  • Harry Hochheiser, Graduate Research Assistant, Computer Science
  • Jinwook Seo, Graduate Research Assistant, Computer Science
  • Ben Shneiderman, Professor, Computer Science




To promote interest in and research on visualization tools for bioinformatics, we organized a day-long workshop with 14 presentations:

Workshop on Bioinformatics Visualization - May 30, 2002


HCIL Research on Visualization:


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