MELC Research Publications

Research Papers and Reports

Semple, P., Allen, R. B., and Rose, A. (2000), Developing an Educational Multimedia Digital Library: Content Preparation, Indexing, and Usage, EdMedia 2000, Montreal, PQ, June 2000. PDF version
Rose, A., Allen, R.B., Fulton. K. (1999), Multiple Channels of Electronic Communication for Building a Distributed Learning Community, CSCL '99, Stanford, CA, 495-502.
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Nolet, V., Marchionini, G., & Enomoto, E. (1997), Combining Dynamic Query and Full Motion Digital Video in a High Speed Network to Improve Instruction in Middle School Science and Social Studies Classes, Education Media.
Slekar, T.D. (1997), Technology's Impact on One Teacher's Philosophy of Teaching U. S. History, AERA '97.

Theses and Dissertations

Tanya F. Cook , Opening the doors of communication: Teachers' dissemination of their learning in a middle school instructional technology project, M.A., Department of Education Policy, Planning, and Administration, College of Education, 1999
Wei Ding, Cognitive processing of multimodal surrogates for video browsing, PhD, College of Library and Information Services 1999
Kathleen L. Fulton, How teachers’ beliefs about teaching and learning are reflected in their use of technology: Case studies from urban middle schools. M.A., Department of Education Policy, Planning, and Administration, College of Education, 1999
Winnie M. Mucherah, Dimensions of Classroom Climate in Social Studies Classrooms Where Technology is Available, Ph.D., Department of Human Development, College of Education 1999
Tim Slekar, Ph.D., College or Education, 1999


Preservice Social Studies by Tim Slekar
Baltimore Learning Community by Lynn Harbinson and Tracy Vitek, presented at Florida Educational Technology Conference, Orlando, Florida, March, 1999

Other Creative Activities

American History: Ideas for Elementary School Teachers by Tim Slekar
"Best Practice" Attributes for Teaching History

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