Summer Institute 1998 Post-Institute Questionnaire

Baltimore Learning Community
Post-Summer Institute 1998 Evaluation

    NAME: ______________________________________________________

Thank you for participating in the Baltimore Learning Community's Summer Institute.  We hope that you found this to be a beneficial experience in which you created modules and shared ideas on teaching and learning.  Please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation form.  Your comments and suggestions are valued.

On a scale of 1-5, please rate the following aspects of the Summer Institute, were 1 means you disliked the activity and 5 means you liked the activity. W e would appreciate any  comments.

	        			Disliked <->Neutral<->Liked     	Comments
	a. Introduction to the Interface			1	2	3	4	5
	b. Teacher Module Demonstrations		1	2	3	4	5
	c. Teacher Discussion Groups			1	2	3	4	5
	d. Hands-On Training for New Teachers		1	2	3	4	5
	e. Group Module Construction			1	2	3	4	5
	f. Tour of the Archives			1	2	3	4	5
	g. Discovery Visit			1	2	3	4	5
	h. Presentation of Group Modules		1	2	3	4	5
	I. Plans for the Coming Year			1	2	3	4	5
	j. Wrap-up Sessions			1	2	3	4	5
	k. Use of Group Systems Software		1	2	3	4	5
	l. Overall Summer Institute			1	2	3	4	5
	m. Other:________________________	1	2	3	4	5

1 a. Did you attend last year's Summer Institute?		YES______  NO________
   b. If yes, how did you like this year compared to last year? Better or The Same or Worse?
        Please explain

 c. What suggestions do you have for the summer institute next year?

Please answer the following questions regarding the module construction, explorer component and presentation features.
2 a. What did you like about the module construction pages?

b.	What changes would you suggest to the module construction component?

c.	How might you use this component next school year?

 3. a. Were you able to locate materials using the explorer component?
b. What features did you like about the explorer?

c. If you could make any changes to this component, what would you suggest?

d.	Which of the following do you think you will use most frequently?
                      Explorer component
                       Resource catalog 
___________ Keyword query

4.	a. What did you like about the presentation component?

b.	If you could make any changes to this component, what would you suggest?

5.  How relevant and appropriate are these components to curriculum planning and presentation?

6.  How might you use these components in your curriculum planning and presentation?

On a scale of 1-5, please rate your comfort level with using the following technologies.

		Uncomfortable <->Neutral<->Very comfortable   	 Comments
	Email	1	2	3	4	5
	Module Construction	1	2	3	4	5
	Explorer Component	1	2	3	4	5
	Resource Catalog	1	2	3	4	5
	Keyword Query	1	2	3	4	5
	Presentation	1	2	3	4	5

7.  Would you like assistance in using these features during the school year?  If so, what kind of assistance?

8.  To what extent does support  (from other teachers and the University )promote the use of these technologies in your classroom?

9.  To what extent are you able to access these technologies outside of the classroom? outside of the school?  Is this necessary for better utilization?

10. a. In what ways do you collaborate with other project teachers on curriculum planning and resources as a result of the technologies?

b. with other teachers in your building?

 c. with others outside of the school?

11. How could teacher collaboration be increased or strengthened?

12. Do you have any suggestions for followup activities during the school year?

13. What new materials do you wish to learn about during the next school year?

14. What can the BLC team do to help in the transition of the entire project over to
Baltimore City Public Schools?

15. What role, if any, would you like to have in sustaining this project in the future?

Any additional comments:

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