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A number of journal articles, conference papers, Master's theses and dissertations have been produced as a result of BLC/MELC research efforts.
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Resources, Catalog, Video Segmenting, Indexing, Modules, Video Research Policy
Project Evaluation
Evaluation information serves as a tool in assessing the progress of the project. So far, information toward achieving this goal has been gathered during Summer Institute sessions. During these sessions, teachers have responded to Pre, Post, and anonymous surveys which focus predominantly on issues regarding the teachers expectations of the project to their actual implementation of technology in their classroom instruction. In addition, informal observations have been conducted in the classrooms by graduate assistants. These observers use Observation Summary Sheet Forms which attempt to capture quantitatively how teachers incorporate technology in their classroom instruction, how often they do this, what different components of technology they often use, and the quality of interaction and the participation of students in the classroom activity when technology is used. At the moment, the project's future direction regarding evaluation is to examine students' perception of the impact of technology on their learning. This aspect of evaluation is of most importance given that at the present, evaluation has been mainly focused on the teachers' perceptions. The project intents to collect both quantitative and qualitative data from the participating students and teachers.


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