• Pocket PC (discussion)
    October 15, 2003 "DateLens, by Windsor Interfaces, provides a completely different way of looking at your appointment data and one I think other PIM vendors (including Microsoft) should seriously look at."

  • (review)
    September 19, 2003 "DateLens is my first experience with a ZUI and I must admit from the start that its one I could get used to very quickly. It is immediately intuitive and flows exactly as one would expect."

  • (review)
    September 11, 2003"DateLens Calendar from Windsor Interfaces has been released ... it's my opinion that Windsor Interfaces have developed an interface here worth shouting about."

  • Pocket PC (discussion)
    August 29, 2003"This is very well thought-out. An excellent approach to the problem of drill-up/down navigation."  -- BrianCooksey

    "I downloaded it, tried it then bought it. Seems like the PI interface on steroids." -- lapchinj

  • DateLens Stays Organized in C# (news)
    eWeek (August 12, 2002) "I have often cursed PDA calendars and text-entry searching—particularly when I'm in a hurry. DateLens fixes this by employing a fish-eye representation of dates coupled with compact overviews and search capabilities."

  • Square Zoom in the Hand (news)
    ComputerSweden (Sept 23, 2002)

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