Elastic Windows for Rapid Multiple Window Management

With current approaches of window management, visibility and arrangement of multiple windows is a problem. We have developed a new windowing approach, called Elastic Windows, where windows are organized in a hierarchical fashion on a space filling tiled layout. It supports multiple window operations which enable fast task-switching and reorganization of the windows according to tasks.
Elastic Windows logo.
    Elastic Windows:
  • Hierarchical Window Organization 
    • supports rapid visually scalable information organization
  • Multiple Window Operations
    • supports rapid access to information
  • Space-filling tiled elastic layout dynamics
Elastic Mail-Tool
    An Elastic Mail-Tool:
  • organize related e-mails spatially
  • overview of all correspondance
  • facilitate comparison and filtering
Personal Role Manager
    Personal Role Manager:
  • provide hierarchical contexts for organization of information according to users' roles
    • multiple hierarchical roles
    • overlapping roles
  • focus on roles at any level of detail
  • combine roles, restructure role hierarchy
WWW Browser.
    WWW Browser:
  • personalize the WWW
  • reflects semantic relationship among documents
  • keep a visual history of exploration
  • explore multiple links by multiple open
  • provide infromation hiding
  • provide easy structure manipulation


Eser Kandogan, Graduate Student Computer Science
Ben Shneiderman, Professor Computer Science
Publications: Talks:
Eser Kandogan talks.
  • Elastic Windows: Evaluation of Multi-Window Operations, ACM SIGCHI, March 1997 [HTML]
  • Elastic Windows for rapid multiple window management, HCIL, 13th Annual Symposium and Open House, May 1996.


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Video Reports:

  • Using Elastic Windows for World-Wide Web Browsing, HCIL Open House, May 1997 [Order Video]
  • Elastic Windows for Rapid Multiple Window Management, HCIL Open House, May 1996, [Order Video]
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