EventFlow: User Group Meeting

Time: Tuesday November 20, 2012, 9am to noon, followed by lunch
Location: University of Maryland, College Park - Hornbake Building, 2nd Floor

Back Row: Betty Marciano, John Manning, Rose Thelus, Gigi Lipori, Sheila Weiss, Henry (Skip) Francis, Ana Szarfman,
Sigfried Gold, David Wang, John Criswell, Jon Norton, Zach Hettinger, Kenyon Crowley.
Middle Row: Seth Powsner, Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant, James Cimino, Jeff Milstein.
Front Row: Allan Fong, Rongjian Lan, Megan Monroe, Hanseung Lee, Hsueh-Chien Cheng.

Our goal is to hear stories from users of EventFlow and its predecessors LifeLines2 and LifeFlow. We want to understand what works and what other features are needed, how to reach potential users, and how to provide effective training. An archive of research results, datasets, websites, and active researchers might be a helpful way to encourage further use. We believe that these techniques of temporal event sequence analysis have powerful applications, especially in exploring medical histories.


9:00am: Welcome & History: Ben Shneiderman & Catherine Plaisant (slides)

9:30am: User talks:

James Cimino, NIH BTRIS:
Case Studies of the Use of Lifelines2 to Support Clinical Research at the National Institutes of Health (slides)

John Manning, Virginia Tech Carilion:
Visualizing the Data - Using Lifelines2 to Perform Rapid Pairwise Analyses on Laboratory Data Drawn from the Biomedical Translational Research Information System (BTRIS) (slides)

David Wang, Harvard Medical, PartnersHealthcare:
It takes one line (of SAS) to analyze your data, but it takes many Lifelines to see it through. (slides)

  • I plan to talk about our investigation on the drug Glargine and its purported association to increased cancer risks and highlight points where Lifelines2 was instrumental in ensuring our sample selection and analyses were sound in the process.

Case studies from users:

  • MedStar: Zach Hettinger
  • UM-Baltimore: Sheila Weiss, Pankdeep Chhabra
  • JHU: Paul Nagy, Michael Cohen
  • Oracle: Jeff Milstein
  • FDA: Ana Szarfman, Henry (Skip) Francis
  • PVC: Tamra Meyer, Rose Thelus (slides)

10:30am: BREAK

10:45am: Case studies continue

11:15am: Megan Monroe & Rongjian Lan - Progress report on EventFlow (slides)

11:40am: Final thoughts:

  • Feature requests: query tools, result manipulation features, backend support
  • User manuals, case study documentations, published papers, training videos
  • Dissemination plans, dataset archive


Additional attendees:

  • NIH: Vojtech Huser, Betty Marciano
  • Pulse8: John Criswell
  • SSS: Sigfried Gold, Melissa Chapman
  • MedStar: David Roseman
  • UM School of Business: Kenyon Crowley
  • UM Dept of Computer Science: Amol Deshpande
  • Yale Medical: Seth Powsner
  • FDA: Jon Norton

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