About EventFlow

EventFlow is a visualization tool designed to do analysis on categorical temporal event data. Unlike its predecessor LifeFlow, which only supports point-based events, EventFlow is capable of visualizing both point-based and interval-based events. EventFlow provides a powerful graphical query interface for users to search for complex patterns of event sequences. Before using EventFlow, it is recommended that you read the research papers in the EventFlow webpage.

System Requirements

EventFlow can be used on systems running Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows. The minimum system requirements are:

EventFlow has been tested on Mac OS X 10.5-10.11, Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7.

Download and Install

We can provide you with a review version of EventFlow.

See http://www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/eventflow/ for more information.

After extracting the zip file, to run EventFlow, double-click on the file eventflow_vX.XXX.jar in the extracted directory, where X.XXX is the version number. A splash screen will appear to indicate that EventFlow is loading.

Figure 1.1: EventFlow Splash screen appears when loading.

Data Files and Formats

Five different files are used in EventFlow:

To generate data sets for testing, use http://eventdatagenerator.appspot.com/

Event Data File Format

It is a 5-column tab-delimited text file (note the difference in the data format for LifeFlow).

The following date/time formats are supported:

- If the file can't be loaded successfully, try the following:

1. Check if the columns are separated by spaces instead of one tab
2. Remove all the redundant spaces or new lines after a row
- If a record ID or a category name includes spaces, commas, or semicolons, enclose the field in quotes.

Table 1.4.1: Sample event data file (sample_data.txt)
Record IDEvent CategoryStart TimeEnd TimeEvent attributes
1Admitted1/6/2011Account No.="24287939"; Doctor's ID="5487"
6Drug A1/2/20111/10/2011Dosage="high"
6Drug B1/7/20111/20/2011Dosage="medium"
10Drug A1/3/20111/6/2011Dosage="low"
10Drug B1/9/20111/13/2011Dosage="high"

(Optional) Attribute Data File Format

This file stores the non-temporal attributes of each record. You are not required to have this file if you do not have any record attributes. It is a 3-column tab-delimited text file, which has the same name as the event data file but with extension *.attrib.

Table 1.4.2: Sample attribute data file (sample_data.attrib)
Record IDAttribute nameAttribute value

Sample Data

Throughout the manual, a sample dataset is used to demonstrate the features in EventFlow.

The sample data is a generated set of electronic medical records with five event categories:

Other sample datasets will be provided when you gain access to the software.

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