This document provides a guide to the EventFlow application, which is a research project in the Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) at the University of Maryland. EventFlow is available for review and licensing (see Section 1.3) from the UM Office of Technology Commercialization. Please contact us directly if you are interested in trying the software. We also welcome your feedback. Please send your comments about EventFlow to EventFlow was developed by Megan Monroe, Sana Malik, Chris Imbriano, Fan Du, Rongjian Lan and Krist Wongsuphasawat. The EventFlow project is supervised by Catherine Plaisant and Ben Shneiderman.

Chapters Sections video demos Video Demos
1. Before You Start About EventFlow
System Requirements
Download and Install
Data Files and Formats
Sample Data
2. The EventFlow Interface General EventFlow Overview video demos Quick Tour of EventFlow!
Timeline Panel
Overview Panel:
  1. Zooming in the Overview Panel
  2. Exploring the Distribution Between Events: Freeze, Select, and Options Tool
video demos How the Overview is Constructed?
video demos How to Read the Overview?
video demos Distribution
Tips for Best Use: Video Coming Soon!
Access to Details; Selecting and Removing Records from the EventFlow Interface video demos Access to Details and Selection
3. Basic Features Select, Color, Rename, and Sort/Order Event Categories video demos Select, Color, Rename, Sort/Order Event Categories
Simplifying the overview using the Choose 2 Methods
Alignment video demos Alignment
Simple Search: Event Count, Subsequence, and Overlap video demos Simple Search
4. Advanced Features Temporal Windowing video demos Temporal Windowing
Working with Record Attributes video demos Working with Attributes
View Menu: Display Options and Rank for the Overview Panel
View Menu: Display Options and Rank for the Timeline Panel
Advanced Search video demos Advanced Search
5. Data Modifications How Data Modifications Work and the Role of "Undo last modification" Video Coming Soon!
Category Aggregation:
  1. Simple Category Aggregation
  2. Advanced Category Aggregation
video demos Simple Category Aggregation
video demos Advanced Category Aggregation
Category Hierarchy Panel Video Coming Soon!
Event Category-Attribute Split See video on "Working with Attributes"
Gap and Overlap Removal (Merge) of Interval-based Event Categories video demos Gap and Overlap Removal (Merge) of Interval-based Event Categories
Insert Event at Alignment Point video demos Insert Event at Alignment Point
Replace Video Coming Soon!
6. Load/Save Data Files
Configuration File
Modification File
Loading/Saving Data Files Video Coming Soon!
Configuration File Video Coming Soon!
Modification File Video Coming Soon!
7. Scalability Issues Loading Records in EventFlow video demos Handling Large and Complex Data
video demos Strategies for Sharpening Analytic Focus
Memory Usage
Known Problems and Troubleshooting

Web Accessibility