User interfaces for highway traffic management

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  highway traffic management screen monitoring traffic

Project description:


Catherine Plaisant, Assistant Research Scientist
Ben Shneiderman, Professor Computer Science
Phil Tarnoff, Senior Research Engineer, Civil Engineering
Phani Bhamidipati, Graduate Research Assistant (ISR)

Past members:
Sumeet Keswani, Graduate Research Assistant
Aditya Saraf, Graduate Research Assistant

Publications and reports:


Traffic Visualization prototype - Applet exploring various options to show current and usual traffic speed on a map

Simulation based training prototype (1.70 MB file) (Compressed executable Delphi 4.0 version for Windows PC) - or use an OlderVersion for 2.0 Or : Version with Java Historian (2.70 MB file, needs JDK 1.2.2) - Incomplete version

"TimeSpace Diagram only" simulation for use in Phil Tarnoff's class

Download Instructions for SimPLE Environments (open in separate window if needed)

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CHART (Chesapeake Highways Advisories Routing Traffic) - for Maryland Highways
Montgomery County (MD) ATMS for County Arterial traffic info, camera stillviews, bus schedules, roadwork, incident updates
SmartTraveler-DC - for the Washington DC area
Bus/metro/walk routes finder for DC area.
VDOT (Virginia Dept of Transportation) see the winter traffic maps (best when it snows!)
NAVIGATOR  (Georgia's ITS site) for travel times and live traffic maps with camera feeds, incident, VMS and construction updates
VA Hampton Roads - Live cameras.
Paris France traffic maps (why not...)You can zoom on roads. Notice the estimated travel times
ITS and ITS America society Clearinghouse of info on Transportation. Organizes main ITS conference.

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