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General Tasks Applicable to Most Trees


We need your feedback! Want to suggest more tasks? combining tasks? or suggest a better taxonomy? Please send comments and suggestions. Improving this taxonomy is one of the outcome of the contest that will benefit our community.

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PAIR WISE COMPARISONS OF TREES (the main focus of the contest)

Topological changes
- Did anything change, in general, or in a subtree. Were there small changes or major changes?
- What nodes were added, deleted?
- Did any node or subtrees "move" in the tree. Can you characterize those movements?
Attribute value changes
- Global impression: did things change a lot or not?
- What nodes or subtrees changed the most
- Did the value of attribute XYZ for this node increase or decrease? in absolute terms, or relatively to other siblings or other nodes

GENERAL VISUALIZATION OF TREES (the secondary focus of the contest)

This long list corresponds to the basics tasks encountered while using tree visualization. Obviously you should not address them all in your report, but you can consider those tasks when designing your tool, and when writing the report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the tool.
- Overall characteristics: How large is the tree? How many levels deep? What is the deepest branch? Does the depth vary between subtrees or not?
- Path: What is the path of this node
- Local relatives : what are the children, siblings or cousins of this node?
- Filtering by level: e.g. show me only the first level, or show only 3 levels down, or removes all the leaves
- Topologies question that involve counting nodes can be seen as attribute dependant questions:
e.g. Which branch contains the largest number of nodes? or Which branch has the largest fan-out?
Attribute based
Those tasks only occur when leaf nodes have attributes that can be aggregated at the parent level
- Find nodes with high values of a numerical attribute X ? (relative query)
- Find nodes with given value of a numerical attribute X ? (absolute query)
- Find nodes with value Y of categorical attribute X - What value of a categorical attribute occurs more often?
e.g. Are there more farm animals or pets
- Find nodes with certain values of two or more attributes
e.g. what video file is used the most
- Some topologies queries fall under attribute dependant queries because all trees/subtrees have at least one attribute: their number of nodes!
-- Number of nodes in a tree, or subtree?
e.g. How many animal?, how many mammals?
-- Comparison of branches of the tree (i.e. subtrees with most nodes)?
e.g. Is there more mammals or fish?
-- Largest fanout
e.g. What is the largest group of animals with same lineage?
Known items
- Which node(s) has a label containing this string?
e.g. find "giraffe" in a tree of animals
- Locate a node knowing its path.
- Go back to a node you have visited before.
Review all the labels in a subtree
Explore the tree by performing a series of up and downs in the tree
e.g. you are looking for a cute animal... so you look into mammals, then primates, then gorillas, and chimpanzees, but you realize that are not that cute, so you go to felines, to tigers and cheetahs, but now remember that pandas are your favorites and you go there.
Managing the analysis <\h5> Marking nodes of interest, removing special anomalies.
Saving visualizalization settings for future reference.
Keeping the histoy of your analysis, reviewing it and replaying it with different parameters.

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