InfoVis 2003 Contest

History of Updates


August 1st
August 1st is the deadline for submission. Details for the FTP uploads were added. We will confirm that we received your submission by Monday 4th.

In general: only minor corrections to the data have been made to correct problems you/we find. No-one suggested any changes or clarification to the task descriptions. Overall we had very few comments and questions. The data format never changed so that people could start working early.

April 16
We extended the discussion period to May 10th, and you can now download and distribute the contest flyer. The Classification files have been corrected. They contained several errors.

Thanks to Michael Spenke and Christian Beilken for finding the problems and to Cyndy Parr and Bongshin Lee for fixing them. This process makes it obvious how hard it is to create those classifications without a good mean to look at them as some of the errors had been in the dataset for years.
The zip file with all the datasets has been updated as well, and is now called

Corrections in both trees:

Inconsistent data in line 45250:
The path from the Suborder 'Eucladocera' to the root contained another node of rank Suborder, namely 'Cladocera';
Inconsistent data in line 45471:
The path from the Order 'Conchostraca' to the root contained another node of rank Order, namely 'Diplostraca'

Here the problem was in our source data. To solve both problems, we changed the ranks to be Superorder for Diplostraca and Order for Cladocera. This is consistent with at least one classification by an invertebrate anatomist:

Correction in tree B:
Inconsistent data in line 589395:
The path from the Genus 'Geophaps' to the root contained another node of rank Genus, namely 'Columba';

Geophaps remains a genus but has parent Columbidae instead of Columba.

All the other problems resulted from misconfiguration of the crocodile branch. We put Crocodiles where they belonged and eliminated some nodes.

April 9
We organized a SIG about the contest at the CHI2003 conference, Wednesday April 9th at 11:30am. ABout 15 people joined us and asked questions about the data and procedure. Three main conclusions: we should advertise again, we need to encourage submissions to show the tool in use for all three datasets even if only one is being focused on, we should remind people that they can even submit paper designs if they want to - this would still be useful.
April 4
The phylo files phylo_A_ABC_03-02-01.xml and phylo_B_IM__03-02-01.xml have been corrected. They contained several small errors, as well as in the relation file phylo/ABCY.csv.
Thanks to Martin Wattenberg for pointing that out.
The file has been updated accordingly.
March 25
The file classif_B_03-01-31.xml has been updated. It is much larger than the previous one mainly due to added indentation.
The file has been updated accordingly.
All XML files are now available as gzip compressed files, these are:
March 1st
The question period was extended to April 15th to allow more time for advertising the contest.
A SIG was organized at the CHI2003 conference (Wednesday April 9th at 11:30)
Feb. 15
Added logs_D_03-02-01.xml (check out the access to the Infovis Contest Pages!)
fixed badly generated file names in logs
added alternate "bad" phylo trees
changed this list to inverse chronological order
Feb. 3
Removed illegal XML character from the logs.xml files
Correction of typos
Feb. 1
First posting
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