Multiple Input Devices: MID

MID is a Java package that supports input from multiple devices on a single computer for Windows 98/ME only. While MID will run on Windows NT/2000, it will only recognize one mouse. This is due to a design decision by Microsoft to specifically disable the support for multiple mice.

It provides developers using Java the ability to write single-display groupware applications with a powerful yet straightforward and cross-platform way for getting input from multiple devices. A tech note is available that describes an early version of MID:

Hourcade, J., Bederson, B. (May 1999)
Architecture and Implementation of a Java Package for Multiple Input Devices (MID)

A new technote will be available shortly which includes an up-to-date description of MID's architecture.

MID is being used by a number of projects - for hooking multiple mice to a single computer as well as connecting other custom input devices. One application that is available for download is KidPad, a collaborative story-telling program for children.

MID 0.4 is now available for download.

If you have any questions or comments, send email to Juan-Pablo Hourcade or Ben Bederson

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