Windows 2000
Developer: Microsoft
Related People: Bill Gates
Version: Windows 2000
Release Date: Feb 17th, 2000
Previous Version: Windows 98
Next Version: Windows XP
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New Key Features:
  1. Very similar interface to Window 98 or Windows NT 4.0 with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4
  2. "My Documents" folder was placed on top of "My Computer"
  3. Pre-created special folder with different default styles
  4. Improved Start menu system
  5. Integrated Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
  6. Integrated Web Server, Internet Information Services 5.0
  7. A tool, which is named "Narrator", could read some content displayed on screen
  8. "Find files or folders" function is replaced by Microsoft Internet Explorer
  9. Support Intel x86 and Pentium Processors, and DEC Alpha
  10. Support more hardware and became more secure

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As a version of Windows both for PCs and servers, Windows 2000, which is released on Feb 17th, 2000, has four different versions.

The interface of Windows 2000 almost remained same comparing to Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 with Internet Explorer 4. It integrated Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 instead of version 4.

The "Start" menu system has been improved in this version. It can show only frequently used program shortcuts instead of showing a long list of all the items. There is a small arrow button at the end of the list of program group shortcuts or program shortcuts allow user to expand to show all the items.

In this version of Windows, the folder view began to contain some hyperlinks on the left, which allow user to jump to certain functions or folders. "My Documents" folder was place on top of the "My Computer" folder on desktop. There were some pre-created special folders in "My Documents", such as "My Pictures" that allow graphic files to be previewed as thumbnails.

Windows 2000 came with a building-in tool, "Narrator", which can read contents and mouse action on screen for people with low vision.

Windows 2000, although with great stability, was not compatible with some programs especially some games, so it cannot completely replace Windows 98, which was targeted more directly to entertainment purposes.

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