Windows 3.x
Developer: Microsoft
Related People: Bill Gates
Version: 3.x
Release Date: 1992
Previous Version: 3.0
Next Version: 3.xx
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New Key Features:
  1. True Type font support
  2. Drop "real-mode"
  3. Build-in audio devices drivers.
  4. Color screen savers

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Windows 3.1 was release in 1992. Later, Microsoft released Windows 3.11, which is a free upgrade version to fix bugs in Windows 3.0. The variety of true type fonts supported by Windows 3.1x made it ready for more complex word processing tasks. Multimedia features in this version of Windows, such as build-in audio device support, video file playback support and even the color screen savers made it a big success. Thousands of third-party Windows Compatible software made Microsoft Windows 3.x a very successful platform and helped Microsoft to increase the number of sell copies of Windows 3.x reached 10 million in the world.

Windows 3.1 lacks of build-in network support. The MS-DOS based network eats up more basic 640K of memory. So Microsoft released Windows for Workgroups 3.xx with building-in network support soon.

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