Windows 3.0
Developer: Microsoft
Related People: Bill Gates
Version: 3.0
Release Date: 1990
Previous Version: 2.x
Next Version: 3.1
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New Key Features:
  1. Fancy 3-D appearance
  2. Ability to address memory beyond 640k
  3. Program manager shell
  4. Drag-and-drop icons

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In 1990, Microsoft released this short-life version of Windows, Windows 3.0. It came with a lot of improvement, but also with lack of multimedia and network features, which made Windows 3.0 be replaced quickly by Windows 3.1. The improvement of the appearance of the interface in Windows 3.1 was big. True color display ability makes it much fancier than its early versions and also makes it ready for photo editing. The three mode of Windows 3.0, real mode for 8086 CPU, standard mode for 80286 CPU and enhanced mode for 80386 CPU fits different levels of computers. The new designed program manager shell that can manage both Windows compatible and MS-DOS programs replaced the old MS-DOS executive. The program manager and file manager gave user Macintosh-like big icons to click and drag-and-drop.

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