Windows 98
Developer: Microsoft
Related People: Bill Gates
Version: Windows 98
Release Date: June 25th, 1998
Previous Version: Windows 95
Next Version: Windows 2000, Windows ME
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New Key Features:
  1. Improved appearance of window
  2. Integrated Microsoft Internet Explorer in Windows Explorer and Help System
  3. Quick Launch tool bar
  4. "Show Desktop" button on quick launch tool bar
  5. An ActiveX desktop

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Windows 98, an update version of Windows 95, supports more hardware than its previous version of Windows. It did not change a lot from Windows 95 but improved the appearance of windows by making the title bar of windows in Windows 98 has gradient colors. When moving mouse over an icon in tool bar, the system pops up a small "Help Tip" window showing brief instruction. When moving mouse over a menu item, the system shows a 3-D effect border around that menu item. Microsoft began to integrate Microsoft Internet Explorer in their Windows Explorer to manage resources and files in folder view and Window Help System to show hyperlink style content of help. The Microsoft Internet Explorer also gave the system a "Quick Launch" tool bar, which can integrate with start menu. User can add more integrated tool bar on start menu. These tool bars can be always on top of other windows, so user can have conveniently one-click access to these icons almost anytime. There is also a button on "Quick Launch" tool bar named "Show Desktop", which can minimize all the open windows then show the desktop to user. On November 22, 1998, Shane Brooks released an installer that can remove the integrated Microsoft Internet Explorer from Windows Explorer. It proved that Windows 98 could run without Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The new introduced "ActiveX Desktop" can display customized active web content instead of the regular picture background.

Microsoft also released the Windows 98 SE later with some bugs fixed.

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