Windows NT 3.5x
Developer: Microsoft
Related People: Bill Gates
Version: NT 3.5x
Release Date: 1995
Previous Version: Windows NT 3.1
Next Version: Windows NT 4.0
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New Key Features:
  1. New start-up screen
  2. Same interface as Windows for Workgroups 3.xx
  3. Better OLE support and higher performance

Start-up Screen
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Windows NT 3.5x had two different versions, Windows 3.5x Workstation which limit the number of simultaneously network task and lack of server software packages, and Windows 3.5x Server which provide server software packages under a license control. The interfaces of two versions of Windows NT 3.5x were exactly same as Windows 3.1. Users will never see black MS-DOS like start-up window anymore. Instead of that, Windows NT 3.5x has a graphic booting screen.

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