Windows XP
Developer: Microsoft
Related People: Bill Gates
Version: Windows ME
Release Date: Sep 14th, 2000
Previous Version: Windows 98
Next Version: Windows XP
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New Key Features:
  1. New designed appearance of Windows
  2. New designed menu bar system
  3. New designed folder view
  4. Integrated MSN Messenger
  5. Windows assistant
  6. Support more new hardware and package with more entertainment programs such as new media player and movie maker

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Windows XP has two different versions for users with different purposes. Windows XP Home is for users with more entertainment needs; Windows XP Professional provides more functions on Internet and other complex tasks.

Windows XP looks quite different from other Windows family and Windows NT family products. Its new designed appearance, start menu, folder view, control panel items made even experienced windows users need some time to be used to. Almost all kinds of system controls, such as window frame, menu bar and items, window control box on the top right corner of each window, buttons, combo boxes, list boxes and so on, were new designed. The appearance looks more fancy than before.

The start menu, which was first designed in Windows 95, has been changed a lot. It now can store customized numbers of shortcuts to recently used programs. User can also setup to use the old style start menu.

When Microsoft released Windows 98, Windows 95 users can download some patches and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 to make Windows 95 look very similar to Windows 98. All new added programs in Windows 98 such as Netmeeting and DirectX could be downloaded from Microsoft. But for Windows XP, it is almost impossible because the integrated Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Player still cannot be downloaded currently. Also, there is no patch to let user have a Windows XP style start menu on other Windows system.

Windows XP can be treated more like a version of Windows based on similar kernel of Windows 2000 with new hardware support, new interface and some new applications. Not all users appreciate the new design of Windows XP, there are still certain number of users include experienced users do not want to upgrade.

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