READ ME FIRST for HCIL prototype of User Interface for the LOC National Digital Library


This is a PROTOTYPE (some would say a "chauffeured" prototype, which means that it will be difficult to explore if you have never seen it). We recommend that you first read the CHI 97 design briefing we wrote, and look at the "Proto notes" who can be selected from the top right of many screens.

But don't miss the BROWSE AND SELECT java!

It is not hooked-up to any real search engine (most searches are "canned/fake")

It is not meant as a design that will itself be fully implemented but rather a means to explore different design problems and suggest design techniques and widgets to the LC implementation team.

WE ARE NOT DONE YET... so not everything has been polished as we hoped to.


Netscape 3.0 (prototype uses Java and Javascript)
1024x768 resolution and at least 8bit color.
Set your netscape window in full screen size
To view the Shockwave demo you must download the Shockwave plug-in, we recommend it, but it is not necessary to view most of the demo:

Soon to come:

We are now working on the Coolidge collection in more details, and should be made available by the end of February.

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