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Project description

NVSS 1.0 (Network Visualization by Semantic Substrates) enables users to specify regions to place nodes, and then control over link visibility. (Left Figure) With all CITES boxes checked, there are 260 black Supreme to Supreme citations and 89 red Circuit to Supreme citations. Users can limit the links by source and target regions of interest. For example, in the left figure, links are limited to Supreme to Circuit and Circuit to Circuit links, where the single brown Supreme to Circuit citation is apparent and the 18 green Circuit to Circuit citations are mostly visible. (Right figure) Limiting the selected Circuit Court cases to the two in 1990-1991 generates a comprehensible display of the 18 red Supreme Court citations and the 2 green Circuit Court citations.


Aleks Aris, Ph.D., Computer Science
Ben Shneiderman, Professor, Computer Science


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This paper is here. (This is hosted at the VAST Challenge Portal by NIST, and the challenge entry is linked from this webpage.)

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B. Shneiderman and A. Aris (November 2006). Network Visualization by Semantic Substrates. [html] [ppt]

A. Aris and B. Shneiderman (2006). Network Visualization by Semantic Substrates. [ppt]


B. Shneiderman and A. Aris (2006). Network Visualization by Semantic Substrates. [mpg]


At this time, NVSS is available only to our collaborators. Contact us if you have a dataset, a problem, and interested in solving a problem by exploring the dataset you have. See also below.

See the NVSS User Manual for details.


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Included at: Readings of a course taught at Technion, Israel

Recent News

Aleks Aris completed his PhD in August 2008.

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The U.S. National Science Foundation grant "Inter-Court Relations in the American Legal System: Using New Technologies to Examine Communication of Precedent II" provided partial support for this research.

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