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Graphical Multiscale Web Histories:
A Study of PadPrints
Hightower, R.R., Ring, L.T., Helfman, J.I., Bederson, B.B., and Hollan, J.D.
ACM Conference on Hypertext 1998
HTML, Postscript (5,130K), PDF (116K)
Implementing a Zooming User Interface:
Experience Building Pad++
Bederson, B., Meyer, J.
Software: Practice and Experience,
1998 (in press).
Postscript (865K), PDF (297K)
A Zooming Web Browser - (This one describes the Pad++ Web browser with a user study comparing it to Netscape)
Bederson, B.B., Hollan, J.D., Stewart, J., Rogers, D., Vick, D., Ring, L.T., Grose, E., Forsythe, C.
Human Factors in Web Development,
Eds. Ratner, Grose, and Forsythe, Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc., pp 255-266, 1998.
When Two Hands Are Better Than One:
Enhancing Collaboration Using Single Display Groupware
Stewart, J., Raybourn, E.M., Bederson, B.B., Druin, A.
ACM CHI 98 Summary, 1998. HTML, Postscript (46K), PDF (12K)
KidPad: A Design Collaboration Between Children, Technologists, and Educators
Druin, A., Stewart, J., Proft, D., Bederson, B.B., Hollan, J.D.
ACM CHI 97, pp 463-470, 1997.
A Multiscale Narrative: Gray Matters
Wardrip-Fruin, N., Meyer, J., Perlin, J., Bederson, B.B., Hollan, J.D.
ACM SIGGRAPH 97 Visual Proceedings, p 141, 1997.
PDF (221K)
A Zooming Web Browser - (This one desribes the Pad++ Web browser along with several extensions we made to HTML to allow zooming within the document.)
Bederson, B.B., Hollan, J.D., Stewart, J., Rogers, D., Druin, A., and Vick, D.
SPIE Multimedia Computing and Networking,
Volume 2667, pp 260-271, 1996.
Postscript (369K), PDF (126K)
An Agnostic Approach to Scripting Languages
Bederson, B.B., Hollan, J.D., Stewart, J.
Unpublished, 1996
HTML, Postscript (21K), PDF (10K)
Local Tools:
An Alternative to Tool Palettes
Bederson, B.B., Hollan, J.D., Druin, A., Stewart, J., Rogers, D., Proft, D.
ACM UIST '96, pp 169-170, 1996.
HTML, Postscript (43K), PDF (17K)
Pad++: A Zoomable Graphical Sketchpad for Exploring Alternate Interface Physics
Bederson, B., Hollan, J., Perlin, K., Meyer, J., Bacon, D., and Furnas, G.
Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 7, 3-31, 1996.
HTML, Postscript without pictures (74K), PDF without pictures (77K)
Two Document Visualization Techniques for Zoomable Interfaces
Meyer, J., Perlin, K., Bederson, B., Hollan, J., Unpublished, 1995
HTML, Postscript (55K), PDF (55K)
Space-Scale Diagrams:
Understanding Multiscale Interfaces
Furnas, G., Bederson, B.,
Postscript (50K), PDF (70K)
Advances in the Pad++ Zoomable Graphics Widget
Bederson, B., Hollan, J.,
USENIX Tcl/Tk'95 Workshop.
Postscript (50K), PDF (35K)
Pad++: Advances in Multiscale Interfaces
Bederson, B.B., Stead, L., Hollan, J.D.,
ACM SIGCHI '94 (short paper), 1994
HTML, Postscript (75K), PDF (25K)
Pad++: A Zooming Graphical Interface for Exploring Alternate Interface Physics
Bederson, B.B., Hollan, J.D.,
ACM UIST '94, 1994
Postscript (252K), PDF (146K)
Pad - An Alternative Approach to the Computer Interface
Perlin, K., Fox, D.,
HTML, Postscript (163K), PDF (280K)
A Multiscale Approach to Interactive Display Organization
Perlin, K., Coordination Theory and Collaboration Technology Workshop,
National Science Foundation, June 1991.


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