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The Quantum Treemap and BubbleMap layout algorithms are also available as Open Source code following the Mozilla Public License. You can download the Java source code for them:

Treemaps are a family of algorithms that are space-filling partitions of a two-dimensional area.  Treemaps take as input, a list of n numbers and a rectangle.  They partition the area into n rectangles, one per input number.  The rectangles are guaranteed to fill the input rectangle, and the rectangles are proportional in area to the list of input numbers.  Treemaps are designed to be applied hierarchically, so any given resulting rectangle can itself contain a treemap, and so on, recursively.

The goal of the Quantum Treemap algorithm is similar to other treemap algorithms, but instead of generating rectangles of arbitrary aspect ratios, it generates rectangles with widths and heights that are integer multiples of a given elemental size.  In this manner, it always generates rectangles in which a grid of elements of the same size can be layed out.  Furthermore, all the grids of elements will align perfectly with rows and columns of elements running across the entire series of rectangles.  It is this basic element size that can not be made any smaller that led to the name of Quantum Treemaps.

=> Download Quantum Treemap Java source code




Bubblemap is a new algorithm which lays out groups of quantum-sized objects in an ordered position with no wasted space per group, although there is a small amount of wasted space for the entire area.  The groups of objects can be created in different shapes, such as rectangular or circular, but the groups of objects only approximate those shapes, rather than define them exactly.  The Bubblemap algorithm has also been integrated into PhotoMesa as a user-selectable layout option.

=> Download BubbleMap Java source code



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