Piccolo is now being maintained and distributed by a very active volunteer group at www.piccolo2d.org. We'll leave this site here for history, but it is no longer being maintained.


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On this download site, we are releasing Piccolo.Java, Piccolo.NET, and PocketPiccolo.NET to the interested development community as OSI Certified Open Source Software. We are launching this Open Source campaign to make sure that the widest possible community has access to and builds on the Piccolo platform. Jazz, Piccolo's predecessor is still available for download. But, we prefer that all future projects use Piccolo, which supports the same basic functionality as Jazz. To learn about the differences see Piccolo in Comparison

Piccolo is copyrighted by the University of Maryland, and is available for all users, in accordance with the Open Source model. It is available as free software for license according to the BSD Public License. Note, we have recently switched from the Mozilla Public License to the BSD license to give users more flexibility and freedom in their use of piccolo. Read more about the Piccolo License agreement.

What Next? Once you have downloaded the source code, you can check out the Getting Started tutorial which will guide you through setting up piccolo and writing your first ZUI.  The 'Readme.txt' file in each distribution also has installation notes.

In addition, you can request to be added to the Piccolo mailing lists to receive announcements and ask technical questions.

Latest Versions

In this coordinate release of Piccolo, we have brought together the Java and C# desktop versions of the toolkit with nearly identical features and APIs.  See Piccolo in Comparison for details.  For this reason, we have decided to call both versions 1.2, even though the previous release version of Piccolo.NET was called 1.0.

Additionally, we have fixed a few minor bugs and added several new features and examples.  In Piccolo.NET, we have also finished our Direct3D renderer, introduced in the previous beta release.  This new extension enables hardware acceleration and potentially significant performance improvements.

The current development versions of the Piccolo.Java, Piccolo.NET, and PocketPiccolo.NET source code are also available via SVN.

Piccolo.Java 1.2
(December 6, 2005)
Piccolo.NET 1.2
(December 6, 2005)
PocketPiccolo.NET 1.0 Alpha
August 1, 2004)

Piccolo Archives

Readme Source Integrated Help Change Log
Piccolo.NET 1.0 Piccolo.NET-1.0.zip Piccolo-Help-1.0.zip ChangeLog

Readme Source Change Log
Piccolo.Java 1.1 Piccolo-1.1.zip ChangeLog
Piccolo.Java 1.0 piccolo-1.0.zip ChangeLog

Readme Source Change Log
Jazz Version 1.3 jazz-1.3.zip, 1.2MB ChangeLog
Jazz Version 1.2 jazz-1.2.zip, 1.2MB ChangeLog
Jazz Version 1.1 jazz-1.1.zip, 1.2MB ChangeLog
Jazz Version 1.0 jazz-1.0.zip, 1.2MB ChangeLog
Jazz Version 0.6.6 jazz-0.6.zip, 1.0MB ChangeLog
Jazz Version 0.5 jazz-0.5.zip, 648KB ChangeLog
Jazz Version 0.4 jazz-0.4.zip, 556KB ChangeLog

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