Piccolo is now being maintained and distributed by a very active volunteer group at www.piccolo2d.org. We'll leave this site here for history, but it is no longer being maintained.


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Subversion Access to Piccolo

We have recently switched from using CVS to Subversion (SVN) as our primary source code control system.  In practice using subversion is very similar to CVS, but offers many improvements such as better versioning support, better handling of binary files, and a  more efficient implementation.

You can access our live SVN repository to get the current versions of Piccolo, Piccolo.NET and PocketPiccolo.NET. SVN access is useful for people who want access bug fixes or new features that are not in the most recent release. It is also useful to people that have made local changes to their code and want to be able to easily merge those changes with the current version. In addition, it is crucial for people who want to actively assist with the development of Piccolo.

NOTE: SVN snapshots will probably be buggy or non-functional from time to time, so be prepared to encounter problems and report them; this is, after all, the purpose of making SVN access available.

Getting the source code

You must have Subversion version 1.3 or later; get it from Tigris.org.  For more detailed SVN support, check out this online book.

You can check out the Piccolo source code from SVN by running the following command:

   //For Piccolo.Java
svn checkout https://svn.cs.umd.edu/repos/piccolo/piccolo.java/trunk piccolo.javare>
   //For Piccolo.NET
svn checkout https://svn.cs.umd.edu/repos/piccolo/piccolo.net/trunk piccolo.net
   //For PocketPiccolo.NET
svn checkout https://svn.cs.umd.edu/repos/piccolo/pocketpiccolo.net/trunk pocketpiccolo.net

If you get an "Error validating server certificate" message, type 'p' to trust the server certificate.  SVN will prompt you for a username and password.  For the username type piccoloro and for the password type pro.

This will create a subdirectory with the specified name in the current directory, which will contain the source tree.  Once you've checked out a copy of the source tree, you can catch up on any modified files by running an update command:

   svn update
Because you've only been granted read only access to the tree, you won't be able to commit any changes. Changes can be submitted for inclusion by visiting the Contribute page.

To compile the code, see the 'Readme.txt' file at the top level of the source tree. Or check out the Getting Started section in the Learning Center.

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