Package edu.umd.cs.piccolo.event

This package supports Piccolo event handlers.


Interface Summary
PInputEventListener PInputEventListener defines the most basic interface for objects that want to listen to PNodes for input events.

Class Summary
PBasicInputEventHandler PBasicInputEventHandler is the standard class in Piccolo that is used to register for mouse and keyboard events on a PNode.
PDragEventHandler PDragEventHandler is a simple event handler for dragging a node on the canvas.
PDragSequenceEventHandler PDragSequenceEventHandler is designed to support mouse pressed, dragged, and released interaction sequences.
PInputEvent PInputEvent is used to notify PInputEventListeners of keyboard and mouse input.
PInputEventFilter PInputEventFilter is a class that filters input events based on the events modifiers and type.
PPanEventHandler PPanEventHandler provides event handlers for basic panning of the canvas view with the left mouse.
PZoomEventHandler ZoomEventhandler provides event handlers for basic zooming of the canvas view with the right (third) button.

Package edu.umd.cs.piccolo.event Description

This package supports Piccolo event handlers. It contains event listeners and adapters for user-driven input events. It also contains basic event handlers for common typical interaction such as zooming and panning.

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