Package edu.umd.cs.piccolo

Piccolo is a general-purpose Java-based engine that supports 2D visualizations.


Interface Summary
PComponent Interface that a component needs to implement if it wants to act as a Piccolo canvas.
PNode.PSceneGraphDelegate PSceneGraphDelegate is an interface to recive low level node events.
PRoot.InputSource This interfaces is for advanced use only.

Class Summary
PCamera PCamera represents a viewport onto a list of layer nodes.
PCanvas PCanvas is a simple Swing component that can be used to embed Piccolo into a Java Swing application.
PInputManager PInputManager is responsible for dispatching PInputEvents to node's event listeners.
PLayer PLayer is a node that can be viewed directly by multiple camera nodes.
PNode PNode is the central abstraction in Piccolo.
PRoot PRoot serves as the top node in Piccolo's runtime structure.

Package edu.umd.cs.piccolo Description

Piccolo is a general-purpose Java-based engine that supports 2D visualizations. A primary characteristic of Piccolo is that it is designed to support zoomable information spaces, although any particular applications may or may not take advantage of this feature. Piccolo is implemented entirely in Java 2 (1.4), and as such runs identically on any platform that supports Java 2.

Piccolo is not an application in itself, but rather it is an engine that is designed to support applications that require the ability to create, manipulate, and render object-oriented graphics. If you are familiar with the terminology of 3D graphics, Piccolo supports a scenegraph. This is a data structure that represents a hierarchy of graphical objects. Piccolo uses a tuned run-time system to render the scenegraph as quickly as possible to support interactive applications.

This is the root package for all Jazz classes. It contains the core scenegraph classes itself, and in addition, contains the activities, event, nodes and util packages that are used to build Jazz applications.

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