Package edu.umd.cs.piccolox.nodes

Class Summary
P3DRect This is a simple node that draws a "3D" rectangle within the bounds of the node.
PCacheCamera An extension to PCamera that provides a fast image based animationToCenterBounds method
PClip PClip is a simple node that applies a clip before rendering or picking its children.
PComposite PComposite is a simple node that makes a group of nodes appear to be a single node when picking and interacting.
PLens PLens is a simple default lens implementation for Piccolo.
PLine PLine a class for drawing multisegment lines.
PNodeCache PNodeCache caches a visual representation of it's children into an image and uses this cached image for painting instead of painting it's children directly.
PStyledText.LineInfo The info for rendering a and computing the bounds of a line
PStyledText.MetricsRunInfo Class to represent an integer run and the font in that run
PStyledText.RunInfo Simple class to represent an integer run

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