Package edu.umd.cs.piccolox.swing

Interface Summary
PScrollDirector The interface an application can implement to control scrolling in a PScrollPane->PViewport->ZCanvas component hierarchy.

Class Summary
PCacheCanvas An extension of PCanvas that automatically installs a PCacheCamera
PDefaultScrollDirector The default scroll director implementation.
PScrollPane A simple extension to a standard scroll pane that uses the jazz version of the viewport by default.
PScrollPane.PNullAction An action to do nothing - put into an action map to keep it from looking to its parent
PScrollPane.PScrollAction Action to scroll left/right/up/down.
PScrollPane.PScrollEndAction Action to scroll to last visible location.
PScrollPaneLayout A subclass of ScrollPaneLayout that looks at the Viewport for sizing information rather than View.
PScrollPaneLayout.UIResource The UI resource version of PScrollPaneLayout.
PViewport A subclass of JViewport that talks to the scroll director to negotiate the view positions and sizes.
PViewport.PViewportLayout A simple layout manager to give the ZCanvas the same size as the Viewport

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