Project description:

We are investigating how the use of paper and the use of computers can be combined, and what benefits arise from closing the gap between the two. Paper is a medium that is familiar to many people. In particular, paper plays a key role in the proofreading process, as users often print a copy of their documents, annotate them with a pen, and then reincorporate their markings into the document.

ProofRite is a word processor that allows users to print documents, annotate them with a digital pen, and have the strokes automatically incorporated back into their digital document. When the user then alters the document, the annotations stay with the correct portion of text, that is to say, the strokes digitally reflow with the document.

Through the use of a distributed document- and strokes-storing architecture (the PADD infrastructure), ProofRite users may reap much additional functionality. Users may:

Below you will find a video that demonstrates ProofRite as well as the more general PADD infrastructure.

    François Guimbretière, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction Lab

    Kevin Conroy, Student, Computer Science

    Dave Levin, Graduate Student, Computer Science


UIST 2004 Demo Video - 29 MB

(requires Quicktime)

Source code:

Visit our web site to download the source code. (PADD Server code coming soon.)

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