PenPlay II (TM)

To help overcome the stree of long hours working at a computer, developers at the HCIL have designed a fun, creative, and relaxing diversion.

PenPlay II (TM) is an entertaining, artistic, sound-generating software package which allows the users to draw directly onto the computer monitor. Requiring only an IBM PS/2, AT, or compatible computer, MicroTouch touchscreen monitor or Microsoft-compatible mouse, VGA graphics, and a minimum of 512K of memory, users can create an endless array of designs.

PenPlay II (TM) offers users ten different designs:

Some of the designs always stay the same size; others increase the size or are spaced further apart when a quicker touch is used. The Line feature allows users to draw a thin line in any direction, while the Calligraphy feature works much like a fountain pen, with varying thickness.

With the use of a touchscreen monitor, the finger guides the direction and flow of patterns. If a touchscreen monitor is unavailable, a Microsoft-compatible mouse will serve the same purpose. At any time, the screen can be cleared to either black or white background.

PenPlay II (TM) users can draw with a single color picked from the color palette, or have the colors constantly rotate in a rainbow display. As an option, users can generate sounds with each stroke.

For those who like to save their creations, there is a feture which allows the recording of a design for future playback.

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