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2001 HCIL Video Reports

Introduction (6MB) [2:15] 

Benjamin B.  Bederson

Welcome and short tour of the HCIL facilities.

PhotoFinder Goes Public: Redesigning for the CHI Community (11 MB) [3:55]

Ben Shneiderman, Hyunmo Kang, Bill Kules, Catherine Plaisant

The PhotoFinder kiosk version with network support and group annotation was installed at the CHI 2001 Conference in Seattle. We showed 3300 photos from 65 events on a network of 7 machines. Users were very enthusiastic, making comments like "Great! Thanks for the memories!" and "This is addictive." CHI pioneers and newcomers spent hours browsing and annotating, returning to bring their friends. Visitors added 1000 name annotations plus 400 captions, and attendees brought us 1200 new photos. We present the design features and videotapes of users at the conference.  
(related project)


PhotoMesa: A Zoomable Image Browser (10 MB) [4:00]

Benjamin B. Bederson

PhotoMesa is an image browser with an easy-to-use interface designed for family use. It allows users to see many directories of images at once, and uses zooming to navigate through the images, providing a simple way of getting an overview or detailed information.

(related project)


Visual Specification of Queries for Finding Patterns in Time-Series Data (7 MB) [2:50]

Harry Hochheiser and Ben Shneiderman

Widespread interest in discovering features and trends in time series has generated a need for tools that support interactive exploration. TimeFinder provides graphical, direct manipulation facilities for interactive formulation and modification of queries over time series data. Used in combination with TimeFinder's overview envelope display, these tools support data exploration and guide data mining efforts.

(related project)


Fisheye Menus (9 MB) [3:30]

Benjamin B. Bederson

"Fisheye menus" apply traditional fisheye graphical visualization techniques to linear menus, which provides for an efficient mechanism to select items from long menus. Fisheye menus dynamically change the size of menu items to provide a focus area around the mouse pointer. This makes it possible to present the entire menu on a single screen without requiring buttons, scrollbars, or hierarchies.

(related project)





Visualization for Production Management: Treemap and Fisheye Table Browser (14 MB)  [5:10]
Catherine Plaisant, Ketan Babaria, Ben Bederson, Steve Betten, Jim Blowitski, Jesse Grosjean, Ben Shneiderman

Using the example of oil production we show how information visualization can be used for the periodic monitoring of production equipment. Here we use a Treemap with dynamic queries to provide a compact visual overview of all items. Users can spot at a glance the items that are not functioning normally. They can click on individual items and view the history of all their parameter values using a fisheye table browser. We discuss the benefits of alternative displays and layouts.

(related project)




Generalizing Query Previews (7 MB) [3:50]

Egemen Tanin, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman

Companies, government agencies, and other organizations are making large tables of data available over the Internet. The common form fill-in interfaces often lead to zero-hit or mega-hit queries. To alleviate this problem Generalized Query Previews supply distribution information on attributes of interest selected by the user, providing an overview of the data. As a query is being formed, continuous feedback is given about the size of the results. 

(related project) -- coming up soon.


SearchKids: A Digital Library for Children (15 MB) [6:00] 

L. Sherman, A. Farber, A. Druin, J. Best, C. Cosans, J. Hammer, A. Kruskal, A. Lal, J. Matthews, E. Rhodes, T. Schwenn, B. Bederson, D. Campbell, J. P. Horcade, S. Ochs, C. O'Neil, C. Rahmani, G. Revelle, B.Weinstein, S. Martin, J. Floyd, K. Horvath and E. Row 

An interdisciplinary, intergenerational team developed SearchKids, a zoomable digital library that contains multimedia information about animals. Our digital library supports collaboration by enabling several children to navigate the same information on the same computer at the same time. The design process as well as the technology is presented.

(related project)


From MusicBlocks to AnimalBlocks: a case study in design (13 MB) [5:20]

Allison Druin, Lisa Sherman, Sante Simms, John Sosoka, Dave Galvan, Ben Bederson, Allison Farber, Jaime Montemayor, Glenda Revelle, Jack Best, Cassandra Cosans, Joe Hammer, Alex Kruskal, Abby Lal, Jade Matthews, Emily Rhodes, Thomas Schwenn 

MusicBlocks is an award-winning toy, which enables children ages 2 and older to explore music by using electronic blocks. In the summer of 2000 our intergenerational design team of adults and children began a partnership with Neurosmith, the creators of MusicBlocks. Together we designed AnimalBlocks, a new version of MusicBlocks. This video demonstrates MusicBlocks and the design process we used to create AnimalBlocks.

(related project)


Designing the Classroom of the Future (16 MB) [6:50]

Allison Druin, Jessica Porteous, Gene Chipman, Allison Farber, the staff and students of the University of Maryland's Center for Young Children and Yorktown Elementary School 

We describe the first year of our 5-year research project to create the Kindergarten Classroom of the Future in collaboration with the Center for Young Children on the campus of the University of Maryland and Yorktown Elementary School in Bowie, MD. We present a "computer garden" for teachers and students to use new collaborative technologies. We show how our technology design team at work and summarize lessons learned. 

(related project)


Jesterbot: a Storytelling Robot for Pediatric Rehabilitation (12 MB) [4:20]

Catherine Plaisant, Cori Lathan, Allison Druin, Max Vice, Kris Edwards, Jaime Montemayor, Lisa Sherman 

Working with children as design partners we developed Jesterbot, a storytelling robot for use with children in rehabilitation. Children remotely control a soft robot by using a variety of body sensors adapted to their disability or rehabilitation goal. The robot's actions can be recorded along with the child voice to create stories. This project is a joint venture with AnthroTronix, Inc. (related project)


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