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1996 Video Reports

Introduction (38 MB) - Ben Shneiderman ,[2:50]
Elastic Windows for Rapid Multiple Window Management (91 MB) - Eser Kandogan, [6:49]
With current approaches of window management, visibility and arrangement of multiple windows is a problem. We have developed a new windowing approach, called Elastic Windows, where windows are organized in a hierarchical fashion on a space filling tiled layout. It supports multiple window operations which enable fast task-switching and reorganization of the windows according to tasks.
Life-Lines: Visualizing Personal Histories (86 MB) - Brett Milash,Catherine Plaisant,Anne Rose , [6:43]
In our project for the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services we are developing new techniques to visualize youth records by showing multiple time lines with selectable markers to retrieve detailed information. Overviews are always available even for complex records, zooming and filtering is possible, and linked events can be highlighted. We show how this technique can also be used to visualize medical patient record and personal histories.
Designing Interfaces for Youth Services Information Management (66 MB) - Jason Ellis,Catherine Plaisant,Anne Rose , [4:57]
We are working with Cognetics Corporation to redesign the information system used by the Maryland Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) to handle the processing of juvenile complaints. Our new design uses visualization techniques to display youth record overviews and worker specific screens to facilitate task scheduling and document management. This video demonstrates the screens for case workers, facility workers and resource coordinators. We believe the techniques used can be extended to other case management tasks both within and outside DJJ.
Query Previews in Networked Information Systems : the Case of EOSDIS (60 MB) - Catherine Plaisant,Tom Bruns,Ben Shneiderman,Khoa Doan [4:32]
The Earth Observation System Data and Information System will access very large NASA databases over computer networks. Query previews present an overview of the entire database, where users make rough selections over a small number of attributes. Queries are then refined over all database attributes. This approach eliminates zero-hit queries often characteristic of networked databases.
Baltimore Learning Communities (122 MB) - Gary Marchionini, Allison Gordon, Tracy Vitek, Horatio Jabari-Kitwala, Victor Nulet [8:50]
The Baltimore Learning Community is a community of middle school teachers who share resources and exchange ideas through the use of Internet technology. In this video, two teachers demonstrate some of the capabilities of the community by searching a resource database offering text, graphics and short video clips intended to supplement textbooks and motivate students. The resources are indexed by subject content and by Maryland State Performance Outcomes and are accessible through a dynamic query search interface.
Visual Information Seeking using the FilmFinder (113 MB) (Extract from the HCIL1994 Video Report)Christopher Ahlberg, Ben Shneiderman, [6:12]
FilmFinder allows users to explore a large film database. By applying the dynamic queries approach to filtering information, a continuous starfield display of the films, and tight coupling among the components of the display, the FilmFinder environment encourages incremental and exploratory search.

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