QUIS: The Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction

Subjective evaluation is an important component in the evaluation of workstation usability. We have developed and standardized a general user evaluation instrument for interactive computer systems. The methods of psychological test construction were applied in order to ensure proper construct and empirical validity of the items and to assess their reliability. A hierarchical approach was taken in which overall usability was divided into subcomponents which constituted independent psychometric scales. For example, subcomponents include character readability, usefulness of online help, and meaningfulness of error messages. Evaluation on these scales is assessed by user ratings of specific system attributes such as character definition, contrast, font, and spacing for the scale of character readability.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to:

  1. guide in the design or redesign of systems,
  2. give managers a tool for assessing potential areas of system improvement,
  3. provide researchers with a validated instrument for conducting comparative evaluations, and
  4. serve as a test instrument in usability labs. Validation studies continue to be run. It was recently shown that mean ratings are virtually the same for paper versus computer versions of the QUIS, but the computer version elicits more and longer open-ended comments.
QUIS is licensed through the Office of Technology Commercialization. Short and long paper versions are available as well as online versions that run in Windows and Macintosh environments, and now in HTML. The QUIS is currently licensed to dozens of usability labs and research centers around the world.


Kent Norman, Department of Psychology
Ben Shneiderman, Computer Science
Ben Harper, Department of Psychology

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