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Project Description:

Information visualizations with multiple coordinated views enable users to rapidly explore complex data and discover relationships. However, it is usually difficult for users to find or create the coordinated visualizations they need. Snap-Together Visualization allows users to coordinate visualizations to create multiple-view interfaces that are customized to their needs. Users query their relational database and load results into desired visualizations. Then they specify coordinations between visualizations for selecting, navigating, or re-querying. Developers can make independent visualization tools 'snap-able' by including a few simple hooks.


Chris North, Graduate Student Computer Science
Ben Shneiderman, Professor Computer Science
Anna Fredrikson, visiting Graduate Student, Chalmers University of Technology
Gunjan Dang, Graduate Student Computer Science
Manav Kher, Graduate Student Computer Science



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This research has been partially supported by funding from an NSF grant, WestGroup, the US Census Bureau, Maryland State Highway Administration, Spotfire AB, and Microsoft.

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