SpaceTree - Applet Version

Being an applet, this version of SpaceTree only gives you access to a few files located on our server and that we selected. Using the "Preferences" menu you can modify the tree layout or animation behavior but you cannot save those preferences.

To access all the features of SpaceTree or to experiment with your own data, go back to main page and download the SpaceTree application available.


>>> SpaceTree will open on a SEPARATE WINDOW
Use "PREFERENCES" to play with the many different display options


REMEMBER: YOU NEED the JAVA 1.4 Plug-in installed and enabled

AS OF JULY 2014 this old applet still work (yeah!), but you MAY HAVE to ADJUST YOUR SECURITY OPTIONS (e.g. by adding Maryland as a safe server), and switch internet browser to make sure you can run Java (e.g. on a Mac you may need to switch to Firefox or Safari, as Chrome wont run properlly).

Your browser is completely ignoring the APPLET tag!

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