Treemap 4.0 Online Documentation
Treemap 4.0 requires Java 1.4

Treemap has been developed on PCs. We use either Windows 2000 or XP and do not have the resources to make sure Treemap works on every platform/version. We have heard that Treemap does run on some versions of Linux, Unix and Windows ME. Remember that Treemap will not work in environments that do not support Java 1.4

Title Text and Picture Documentation Quick Demo Example Data
Introduction Introduction  How to interpret a Treemap 
(1 min, 800KB)
 Basketball statistics
Creating your own Treemap Create your own data file

Flexible Hierarchy 
(i.e. creating a hierarchy based on a series of attributes)

 Create a Treemap with flexible hierarchy
(40 seconds, 580KB)
 Dealing with an imposed hierarchy
     (50 seconds, 740KB)
 More examples of flexible hierarchy
     (1 min 15seconds, 760KB)
 Basketball statistics

 43 Causes of death

 Projects of a company

Saving Settings Save Settings and Create your own BATCH file  Save settings
(15 seconds, 140KB)
 Basketball statistics
Changing the Layout Parameters Changing the Layout Parameters 
(algorithm, size, color, labels, borders), 
and Keyboard Shortcuts
 Choose layout algorithm
     (17 seconds, 220KB)
 Color, size and label attribute 
     (24 seconds, 260KB)
 Adjust borders and fonts
     (18 seconds, 200KB)
 Basketball statistics

 Basketball statistics

 Directory hierarchy

Advanced Color Setting Color Setting and Binning 
for Numerical Attributes
 Color Binning
(1 min 3seconds, 820KB)
 Basketball statistics
Focusing on areas of interest Zooming in and out, showing details of a node, showing the path

Filter with Dynamic Query Sliders

Aggregate the Lower Levels of the Tree

(11 seconds, 180KB)
(53 seconds, 630KB)
(28 seconds, 230KB)
 Directory hierarchy

 Basketball statistics

 Basketball statistics

Monitor changing data Using Treemap to monitor changing data (Automatic Reload)    
Other Features Other Features 
(Export, Print Treemap, and Print this Document)
Mapping a file directory Mapping a file directory  Mapping a file directory 
    (43 seconds, 500KB)
 Directory hierarchy
How large a tree 
could I display with Treemap?
How large a tree could I display with Treemap?    
Our plans for 
Treemap 4.1
Our plans for Treemap 4.1    


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