User Interface Strategies (UIS) 1988

A Live Satellite TV Broadcast 1988 University of Maryland Instructional Television Organized by Ben Shneiderman

1) Motivation(14:05)     MPG (170 Mb)    You Tube

2) Serving the User(3:59)    MPG (279MB)    You Tube

     We can measure

3) Three Pillars(19:34)   MPG (1.33 GB)   You Tube

4) Direct Manipulation(3:05)   MPG (23.07MB)    You Tube

5) Limitations of Natural Language Interaction(3:04)   MPG (0.1875MB)   You Tube

6) Advanced Workstation concepts(2:13)   MPG (16.2MB)    You Tube

7) Multiple window strategies(3:59)   MPG (29.5MB)    You Tube

8) Adaptable Systems(00:50)   MPG (7MB)    You Tube

9) Emerging Technologies(12:49)    MPG (22.4MB)     You Tube









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