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Visualizing Legal Information

West Publishing produces paper and online versions of cases, statutes, and other legal information. Since searches often are difficult to compose and produce complex results, advanced interfaces that apply information visualization may help. This project is creating inspirational prototypes using existing tools such as LifeLines, Spotfire, WebTOC, and Dotfire. West's hierarchy of legal topics called Key Numbers, provides a fruitful framework for visualization of search results, as do temporal, geographic, and link structures Our initial prototypes will be evaluated and the most promising alternatives will be refined and tested with legal information specialists.

Latest prototypes:

Overview of Search Result Sets Document Viewer History Viewers
Hierarchical browser over Key Numbers: 
version 1, version 2
Two-dimensional hierarchical browser 
Multidimensional browser: Spotfire 
(demo on standalone computer)
Case Viewers 
Frames Case Viewer
Case Book
Case history viewer: 
Session history viewer: 

October 1999 Update:
New version of Dotfire, now called GRIDL (GRaphical Interface for Digital Libraries), adapted to the ACM Computing Classification System by Xavier Ferré Grau.

Screen Shots:

Papers & slides:




Ben Shneiderman
Bob Allen
Chanda Harris
Anita Komlodi
Chris North

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