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Abhinav Gupta (PhD '09, advisor: Larry Davis) was one of 126 scholars from the U.S. or Canada to receive a Sloan Fellowship for 2016. Gupta is currently an Assistant Professor of Robotics in Carnegie Melon's School of Computer Science. Gupta's research interests include ways to represent the visual word in terms of " the underlying 3D scene and develop reasoning approaches based on physical, functional and causal relationships between the different elements in the scene." He is also interested in the link between Language and Vision and the roles that language plays in visual learning...  read more
Editor's note: This article has been updated to reflect the program's new 2017 start date. The Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland is pleased to announce the creation of a Graduate Certificate of Professional Studies in Data Science starting in Fall Semester 2016 Fall Semester 2017. Called the “best job in America,” data scientists are in demand for their ability to create data-centric products, applications, or programs to address many scientific, socio-political, or business questions. In order to provide working professionals with the...  read more
The Computer Science Department at the University of Maryland is proud to announce the establishment of the Victor Basili Postdoctoral Fellowship. The fellowship program seeks talented, highly-motivated post-doctoral computer scientists to conduct research in the area of Applied Software Engineering and Programming Languages, broadly construed. The program will support two-year postdoctoral appointments, allowing new researchers to begin their careers at UMD, perform cutting edge research in applied software engineering and programming languages, and expand our existing CS research community...  read more
Professor Don Perlis was awarded the 'Blue Sky Ideas Prize' at the thirtieth Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Conference that was held in Phoenix, Arizona from February 12-17, 2016. He was recognized for his paper "Five Dimensions of Reasoning in the Wild." Perlis received the award from the Computing Community Consoritum (which is a part of the CRA). According to the CCC, the award " seek[s] out papers that present ideas and visions that can stimulate the research community to pursue new directions." Perlis also has appointments in UMIACS and the Program in...  read more
We have seven fantastic assistant professors who are working on innovative and exciting research in Computer Science. Learn more about their work: David Van Horn : "I work toward making the construction of reusable, trusted software components possible and effective. My research has spanned program analysis; semantics; verification and model-checking; security; logic; complexity; and algorithms." Marine Carpuat : "I am a member of the CLIP lab , where I do research in Natural Language Processing. I design computational models that use multiple languages as meaning annotation, with the goal to...  read more
The Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland is pleased to announce that Suman Banerjee (PhD, ’03) has been named the Alumnus of the Year for 2016 . Banerjee is currently a Professor in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he is the Director of Wisconsin Wireless NetworkinG Systems (WiNGS) Laboratory. The lab focuses its research on networking and distributed systems with a primary focus on wireless and mobile networking. He began his academic career in 2003 as an Assistant Professor in the same department. He has recently...  read more
On February 3, 2016, Eytan Ruppin, Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology , published " Genome-scale study reveals reduced metabolic adaptability in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease " in Nature Communications . He collaborated on this work with members of Steno Diabetes Center, Tel Aviv University, Institute of Clinical Physiology, CNR Pisa, Italy, and University of Helsinki. The collaborators' work charts liver metabolic activity and functionality in NAFLD. Individuals with Non-alcocholic fatty liver...  read more
Gerardo I. Simari (PhD ’10) is one of ten young scientists researching in the area of Artificial Intelligence who have been named to IEEE Intelligent Systems' “AI’s 10 to Watch” list for 2016 . All nominees for this award have earned their PhDs within the last five years. According to IEEE, this recognition identifies and celebrates contributions that those on the list have already made to the field of Artificial Intelligence so early in their careers. Simari credits his work with his advisor in the Department of Computer Science, V.S. Subrahmanian (Professor and Director of the Lab for...  read more
After graduating from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2001, Rob Kniaz went on to work at Intel as a Market Development Manager. He then moved on to Google as a Product Manager before eventually moving to Europe to help the company with New Business Development across the region, wehre he focused on OpenSocial and Google Docs Visualizations. After his time with Google, he went on to Fidelity Ventures, a European venture capital firm. After spending some time at Fidelity Ventures, Kniaz went on to found Hoxton Ventures , an early stage technology venture captial...  read more
Ben Shneiderman, professor of Computer Science and founder of the Human Computer Interaction Lab , has published a new book with Oxford University Press entitled The New ABCs of Research . The book was reviewed in Nature on January 21st 2016 by Professor Rick Rylance of the University of London. Rylance praised Shneiderman's book for its call for researchers to be more collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature. Ryland especially praises the book for it's "shrewd and timely account" of the efficacy of research partnerships. He further praises Shneiderman's various strengths in this...  read more