Recent News & Accomplishments


Fall Colloquium Series presents Professor Neil Spring. Title: Underspecified Network Protocols Complicate Research Date: Monday September 20, 2010 Time: 4pm Location: CSIC Building, Room 1115 Network protocols are well-specified where it matters: features necessary for interoperation. For other behaviors, such as heuristics or corner cases, standards are silent or ignored. I describe two research efforts that, at the start, seemed to be straightforward but became interesting because of varied implementation choices in routers and in wireless interfaces. Maranello is our modification of the...  read more
Undergraduate CS students Tapan Patel, Barry Smith, and Akash Trivedi were instrumental in helping to recover data from equipment in the CATT Laboratory (Center for Advanced Transportation Technology) in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, when the lab's server room was flooded during a major thunderstorm. Equipment was lost but these students were able to get partial functionality back up in the lab within the same day and successfully recovered data from the lab's critical code repository. See the following link for more on this amazing recovery. link  read more
INFORMS recently decided to give an annual prize for outstanding undergraduate research in operations research. There were many applicants from all over the world and the winner of the inaugural prize was John Silberholz, a recent CS graduate. Another student, Richard Matthew McCutchen was a 2010 Awardee of the CRA Outstanding UG Researcher Award.  read more
Ramani Duraiswami is giving a keynote talk at DAFx-10 in Graz Austria, as well as an invited colloquium at the Acoustics Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna.  read more
Recent Ph.D. graduate Saurabh Srivastava was named a CI Fellow for 2010-2011. He has started as a postdoc at University of California, Berkeley.  read more
Ph.D. student Dov Gordon was named a CI Fellow for 2010-2011. He will begin his postdoc at Columbia University in the fall.  read more
Gabriel Rivera, UMD CS PhD '01 was interviewed by the New York Time for his blogging aggregator startup, Techmeme. Article: Techmeme Offers Tech News at Internet Speed  read more
CS4HS workshop sponsored by UMD and Google, July 12-14, in the CSIC Bldg. The CS4HS workshop, led by Dr. Bill Pugh, will provide High School teachers with learning modules, hands-on experience, and current research resources on how to teach computational thinking to High School students. Website:  read more
Ph.D. student Jian Li's work has recently won the best paper award at the 2010 European Symposium on Algorithms. This paper is also co-authored by Ph.D. student Julian Mestre (now at MPI). When LP is the Cure for Your Matching Woes: Improved Bounds for Stochastic Matchings" by Nikhil Bansal, Anupam Gupta, Jian Li, Julian Mestre, Viswanath Nagarajan, Atri Rudra  read more
Ben Langmead traveled to London to accept the Genome Biology Award for his paper, jointly authored with Cole Trapnell, Mihai Pop, and Steven Salzberg, describing the sequence aligner Bowtie . The Genome Biology Award recognizes the best article published in Genome Biology in 2009 and was introduced to celebrate the ten year anniversary of this journal.  read more