Recent News & Accomplishments


Shomir Wilson, a CS graduate student whose advisor is Professor Don Perlis, has received an East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI) award from NSF. He will spend eight weeks this summer in Australia at Macquarie University where he will work with Professor Robert Dale in the Centre for Language Technology. The primary goals of EAPSI are to introduce students to science and engineering in the context of a different research setting and help initiate scientific relationships that will better enable future collaboration with foreign counterparts. Additional information can be found at:...  read more
Professors Howard Elman and Dianne O'Leary and Distinguished University Professor Pete Stewart have been selected as Fellows of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). Fellowship honors SIAM members who have made outstanding contributions to the fields served by SIAM, and they are among the distinguished members of SIAM in the initial class of Fellows.  read more
Vipin Kumar, Department of Computer Science Alum of the year will be giving a talk entitled Discovery of Patterns in Global Earth Science Data using Data Mining ". Date: Friday, April 24, 2009 Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm Location: CSIC Building, Room 1122 Vipin Kumar is a William Norris Professor and Head of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Minnesota. More information  read more
Jeff Hollingsworth has been named the new Editor in Chief of the Journal Parallel Computing (PARCO). Parallel Computing is journal presenting the use of parallel computer systems, including high performance architecture, system software, programming systems and tools, and applications. It is published monthly by Elsevier.  read more
Gleneesha Johnson's work entitled "Towards Shrink-Wrapped Security: A Taxonomy of Security-Relevant Context" won the Innovation Award (2nd Place) at the Google Ph.D. Forum held at IEEE PerCom 2009.  read more
Louiqa Raschid was named one of this year's 27 ACM Distinguished Scientists  read more
UM Computer Science graduate students Darya Filippova, Andreea Olea, Michael VanDaniker and Krist Wongsuphasawat won the Greg Herrington Award from the National Academy of Sciences Transportation Research Board (TRB) for Excellence in Visualization Research for their paper entitled, "Visual Analytics for Transportation Incident Datasets". Their novel, web-based, visual analytics tool is called ICE (Incident Cluster Explorer) . It affords sophisticated yet easy to learn analysis of transportation incident datasets. Interactive maps, histograms, two-dimensional plots, and parallel coordinate...  read more
Jonathan Katz was an invited speaker at the 2009 Joint Mathematics Meetings , AMS Special Session on Algebraic Cryptography and Generic Complexity.  read more


An ACM Team coached by Professor Amol Deshpande has been selected as one of the top 100 teams out of 7,000 from over 1800 universities in 88 countries that has earned the opportunity to advance to the 2009 ACM-ICPC World Finals in Stockholm, Sweden, sponsored by IBM and hosted by KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology.  read more
Prabhakar Raghavan, head of Yahoo! Research, presents "New Sciences for a new Web". Date: December 1, 2008 Time: 4:00 pm Location: CSIC 1115 The web experience has changed from a human interacting with a browser, to the emergence of a plethora of social media experiences. One consequence is that we need research advances that straddle the boundaries between computational and social sciences, the latter including microeconomics, cognitive psychology and sociology. It also raises difficult questions on the use of data - ranging from the algorithmic to the societal. This lecture will attempt to...  read more