Improving Software Maintenance Processes



Characterize, evaluate, and improve software maintenance processes and software maintenance organizations. Our research has focused on software mainteance in the NASA SEL environment.


Future Work

Experience Factory for Maintenance.
Provide cost, resource and effort maintenance models based on the data we have been collecting using SEL's recently installed software maintenance measurement program.

Information flow analysis
Provide an analysis of information flow and how it is affected by the maintenance organizational structure, including identification of specific improvements to the organization and process to facilitate information flow.


Victor Basili
Yong-Mi Kim
Carolyn Seaman
Walcélio Melo
Lionel Briand
Steven Condon


[JSM] " Q-MOPP: Qualitative evaluation of Maintenance Organizations, Processes, and Products." Lionel Briand, Yong-Mi Kim, Walcélio Melo, Carolyn Seaman, and Victor Basili. Journal of Software Maintenance, forthcoming in 1998.
[ICSE17] "Characterizing and assessing a large-scale software maintenance organizations." L. Briand, W. Melo, C. Seaman, and V. Basili, In Proc. of the 17th Int'l Conf. on Software Engineering, Seattle, WA, April 24-28, 1995.
[CS-TR-3502] "Understanding and Predicting the Process of Software Maintenance Releases" . Victor Basili, Lionel Briand, Steve Condon, Yong-Mi Kim, Walcélio Melo and Jon Valett; University of Maryland, College Park, Computer Science Department Technical Report #3502, September 1995
[ICSM94] "A Change Analysis Process to Characterize Software Maintenance Projects." L. Briand, V. Basili, Y. Kim, D. Squier. In Proc of the Int'l Conf. on Software Maintenance, Sept 1994.

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