Exploring and Visualizing Frequent Patterns in
Text Collections with FeatureLens

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Project description


Anthony Don, Post-doc fellow (visiting from Labri, University Bordeaux I, France)
Catherine Plaisant, PhD, Associate Research Scientist, HCIL
Ben Shneiderman, PhD, Professor, Computer Science

Elena Zheleva, Machon Gregory, Sureyya Tarkan (Graduate Students, Computer Science, students of Ben Shneiderman's Information Visualization class project who worked with Anthony on developping FeatureLens as part of their class project.

Tanya Clement (PhD Graduate Student, English Department)
Loretta Auvil and Amit Kumar (collaborators from NCSA, U. of Illinois)

We also appreciate the feedback and suggestions of Celeste Paul, Matt Kirschenbaum and others from the MONK project and MITH the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities


Slides from Catherine's 2007 HCIL symposium talk, with example of use

Long VIDEO Demo: Part-1 ; Part-2 ; Part-3 ; Part-4 ;

Example with Shakespeare collection(running on MONK Project server, NOT WORKING ANYMORE )
Example with Early American Fiction collection (running on MONK Project server, NOT WORKING ANYMORE )

Our submission to "Visualizing 'Gamer Theory 2.0'

Publications and reports

Don, A., Zheleva, E., Gregory, M., Tarkan, S., Auvil, L., Clement, T., Shneiderman, B., Plaisant, C.
Discovering interesting usage patterns in text collections: integrating text mining with visualization
Proceedings of the sixteenth ACM conference on Conference on information and knowledge management, 2007, p. 213 - 222


The original work in Featurelens also led to the Master Thesis of Mashon Gregory and this paper: Shape Identification in Temporal Data Sets, in Expanding the Frontiers of Visual Analytics and Visualization, Springer, 2012, pp 305-321

Featurelens is also mentionned in :

Visualizing Repetition in Text." Stan Ruecker, Milena Radzikowska, Piotr Michura, Carlos Fiorentino and Tanya Clement. CHWP A.46, publ. July 2008.

A thing not beginning and not ending': using digital tools to distant-read Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans. Tanya E. Clement. Literary and Linguistic Computing 2008 23(3):361-381; doi:10.1093/llc/fqn020

"The Story of One: Humanity scholarship with visualization and text analysis," Clement, T., Plaisant, C., Vuillemot, R. Proceedings of the Digital Humanities Conference (DH 2009).

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