TreePlus: Tree-based Graph Visualization

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Project description

TreePlus is an interactive graph visualization system based on a tree-style layout. TreePlus transforms graphs into trees and shows the missing graph structure with visualization and interaction techniques. For example, TreePlus previews adjacent nodes, animates change of the tree structure, and gives visual hints about the graph structure. It enables users to start with a specific node and incrementally explore the graph. TreePlus was inspired by the success of our earlier tools, SpaceTree and TaxonTree.


Bongshin Lee, Graduate Student, Computer Science
Cynthia Sims Parr, Research Associate (ornithology, evolutionary ecology), HCIL
Catherine Plaisant, Associate Research Scientist, HCIL
Ben Bederson, Associate Professor, Computer Science


B. Lee, C.S. Parr, C. Plaisant, B.B. Bederson, V.D. Veksler, W.D. Gray, and C. Kotfila (2006) TreePlus: Interactive Exploration of Networks with Enhanced Tree Layouts, IEEE TVCG Special Issue on Visual Analytics, vol. 12, no. 6, pp. 1414-1426.

B. Lee, C.S. Parr, C. Plaisant, B.B. Bederson (2006) TreePlus: Visualizing Graphs as Trees, Posters/Videos Compendium of InfoVis 2006, pp. 184-185. (video)

B. Lee, C.S. Parr, C. Plaisant, and B.B. Bederson (2005) Visualizing Graphs as Trees: Plant a seed and watch it grow, Proceedings of GD 2005 (poster), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, pp. 516-518. Poster]


Video demonstration (18 MB, Quicktime format, best viewed at 1024x768)

Flash video demonstration (Flash format)

Source Code: The code of TreePlus is now open source, see Download TreePlus

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