Very Large Knowledge Bases

This page lists some of the knowledge bases we are using with PARKA-DB.

Caper-20, Caper-100, Caper-200 - The CaPER knowledge bases are casebases from the CaPER Project. The casebases contain plans that were automatically generated using the Problem Generator for the transport logistics planning domain, UM Translog.

CIA World Factbook knowledge base contains geographical information that was extraced from the CIA World Factbook pages on the World-Wide Web using a web robot. The knowledge base also contains state and city data from the 1994 World Almanac and Book of Facts.

Knowledge Base Sizes:

Knowledge Base Frames Structural Links Assertions File Size (gzip)
Caper-20 11103 26404 118615 519k
Caper-100 56516 130526 807480 3210k
Caper-200 116297 266100 1635782 6477k
World Factbook 33335 18994 125913 563k

Knowledge Base Format

The format for the knowledge base files is a table of binary assertions. Each line contains a tab delineated binary assertion of the form:
For example:
asserts that Clyde is an elephant, and the color of Clyde is white. The "A" indicates that the line contains an assertion.

This Sample knowledge base (8k gzip) contains 2000 assertions from the Caper-20 knowledge base.

The CIA World Fact Book can be downloaded here: