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Submitting a page

Before you can submit a page, you must add SHOE tags to it (a process we call annotation) because the search engine only indexes these tags. If your page does not contain SHOE, see the section on Adding SHOE to your page below.

Submission Form

The form below is used to notify our search engine that you have a SHOE page. Simply type in the URL of the page in the space provide below and press the Submit button. Your page should be indexed within the next 24 hours.

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Adding SHOE to your page

  1. Locate an applicable ontology. An ontology provides the set of terms you can use and defines them. See the Ontologies page for advice on selecting or creating an ontology that meets your needs.
  2. Add tags to your page. Here, you have two choices: you can either read the SHOE specification and then use your favorite text editor to add the tags to your web page by hand, or you can use the Knowledge Annotator, a graphical user interface that simplifies the process considerably. Although we recommend that you download the Knolwedge Annotator in order to use it, it is possible to add tags to your web page using the applet version and the cut and paste functions of your operating system. See Question 2.5 of the SHOE FAQ.
  3. (optional)Validate your page. Any SHOE tags that do not conform to SHOE's syntax will be ignored by the search engine, it is therefore in your best interest to verify that your pages are properly compliant SHOE. We provide an online validation service that will notify you of any errors in your page.
  4. Submit it. Use the form above to submit your page.

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