Sigcomm 2008 paper DisCarte: A Disjunctive Internet Cartographer


Discarte is part of the sidecar package as of version 0.02: sidecar-0.2.tar.gz

Topologies in "adj" format

Adj file format desription

There are two types of lines, "LINK" lines and node lines. Link lines look like:

Link S907_N_U: -- R1785_M_C: : RR

Saying there is a link from node "S907_N_U" on its interface to node R1785_M_C on its interface, and it was inferred by RR.

The node identifiers have meaning. They are of the form < nodetype>< unique id>< annotations> where annotations indidicate all sorts of information including RR implementation type. The "nodetype" is one of:

The "unique id" is just a number to assign to that node type.

And there are many possible annotations, here is a partial key: The last line of the Link statement (where it says "RR" in the example above) is what technique was used to infer that link, and can be any of: There are also node statements for each "nodetype" that look like this:

Router R1540_A_U_NOTOFFBY1L_LAYER2 nAlly=2

This indicates node "R1540" has two aliases, and that it is of RR type Cisco ("A") and has the NOTOFFBY1L and LAYER2 annotations.

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