CS Video & Audio


November 21, 2014
Distinguished Colloquium
VR, the future, and you
Michael Abrash, Oculus Chief Scientist
September 05, 2014
Distinguished Colloquium
Designing reality and magic: explorations in virtual and augmented reality
Professor Doug A. Bowman, Virginia Tech


November 04, 2013
Distinguished Colloquium
Language as influence(d): Power and memorability
Professor Lillian Lee, Cornell University
September 09, 2013
Distinguished Colloquium
End-User Programming and Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Sumit Gulwani , Microsoft Corporation


November 16, 2012
Distinguished Colloquium
Distinguished Lecture: Experiments in Social Computation
Michael Kearns, University of Pennsylvania
October 08, 2012
Dept. Colloquium
Better! Faster! Stronger (theorems)! Learning to Balance Accuracy and Efficiency when Predicting Linguistic Structures
Hal Daume III, University of Maryland, College Park
September 24, 2012
Dept. Colloquium
Available, Reliable, and Secure Software: Still Going!
Michael Hicks, University of Maryland, College Park
April 30, 2012
Distinguished Colloquium
When You Don't Trust Clients: A Hybrid Paxos
Professor Keith Marzullo, University of California, San Diego